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Country: United Kingdom
Birthday: 05/19/2006
Occupation: nrg mod or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Gender: Male
Discord: @VeryLargeAlphaMale#0001
IGN: VeryAlphaMale
6 months ago

A Guide to Homes

By VeryAlphaMale


What are homes? - 

First of all, a home is a place that you can teleport to at any time. They can be very useful, and save you the trouble of trying to find your way home.


How do you make them? - 

There are two ways in which a home can be made. One of them is /sethome [name]


This will create a home called “starter”.

The other way, in which a home is made, happens automatically. If you place a bed and try to sleep in it, it will automatically create a home called “bed”.


Warning! - 

When you use /sethome, always remember to give it a name. If you do not name it, it will create a sethome called “bed”. If you already have a home called “bed” it will replace it, and you will lose that home.


How do I use them?

You can teleport to your homes by doing the command, /homes.


You will then see something like this - 


Then, just click on the home that you want to teleport to, and you are away!


How do I delete a home?


To delete one of your sethomes, do /homes. Then hover your mouse over the home you want to remove, and shift+right click. Be careful not to delete the wrong home, and be absolutely sure that you want to delete it.

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