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Country: Ireland
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Discord: Walruski#2101
IGN: VictoriousWalrus
7 months ago

What are chestshops?

Chestshops are shops that players can make using chests and that others can buy/sell from/to for ingame currency.

How to get started with chestshops?

To get started you will need one trapped or normal chest, Make sure there is a 1x1 area either (infront,behind,on top,or on the side) for a sign.


Place a chest and a sign (on top,on the side,behind,infront), of the chest.



In the first line your going to write in your ingame name, It's the same if your going to make a buy shop , sell shop or buy and sell shop.

In the second line your going to write the amount of items your selling/buying, Example: You write 64 in the second line, You are buying 64 (items) and selling 64 (items), The amount your selling/buyng is equivalent to the number you write down.

Third line is combination of buying and selling, You need to have a price indicator (like 'B' - (price), that will apply to items BOUGHT by PLAYERS from you, or ('S' - (price) that will apply to items SOLD by players to you, If you want to have a shop that sells and buys items, Then you will need to seperate the 'B' - (price), from the ('S' - (price) by a colon, (:).

The forth line will hold the name/id of the item. Write '?' on the sign and the item will be autofilled with the item in the chest, Or if the chest is empty you can right click on the sign with the item you want to sell/buy.


Other chestshops command include,

/iteminfo This command gives you information about the item in your hand.

/cstoggle This command let's you toggle on/off the notifications from your shop,



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Country: Saudia Arabia
Birthday: 05/14/1999
Occupation: Student
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Discord: ZKlack#3249
IGN: ZKlack
7 months ago

the images don't load
is that me or is it the images? idk


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Country: United Kingdom
Birthday: 03/03/1988
Gender: Male
Discord: SikSyx
IGN: SikSyx
7 months ago

Images load fine for me.

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