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IGN: Not_Jaden
4 months ago

Pwarp Basics

To warp to another player's Pwarp, you can either do /pwarps to open the GUI and then click on the warp you want to go to, or you can do /pww (pwarp name) to go there directly.


To create a Pwarp, do /pwarp set (Pwarp name) It will then automatically create a Pwarp for you and remove $50,000 from your balance.


If you ever want to delete your Pwarp, you can with /pwarp delete (Pwarp name) But be warned, you will not get your $50,000 back.


You can change locations of your Pwarp with /pwarp movewarp (Pwarp name) and stand in the location you want to move your Pwarp to.


Customizing Your Pwarp

To change the item in the Pwarp GUI, you can do /pwarp setitem (Pwarp name) while holding the item you want to set the warp as.


You can set the item to the default icon (conduit) by doing /pwarp resetitem (Pwarp name)


To set lore for your Pwarp, you can do /pwarp setlore (Pwarp name) (Line number [1,2,3]) (Lore) If you don't know what lore is, It is the description of your Pwarp.


You can also erase all of the lore quickly with one command: /pwarp resetlore (Pwarp name)


If you want only specific people to be able to visit your Pwarp, you can make it a private warp with /pwarp setprivate (Pwarp name)


You can then trust certain people to your Pwarp with /pwarp trust (Pwarp name) (player name) and untrust them with /pwarp untrust (Pwarp name) (player name)



To reopen your Pwarp back into the public, the command is /pwarp setpublic (Pwarp name)


Here are some examples of the Pwarp commands: 

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