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6 months ago

The money system on NRG is a great way to get resources, materials, and cool items/gear! And the best way to make sure you’re having as much fun here as possible, be sure to take advantage of some of the cool features that the Server has to offer!



How do jobs work?

Jobs are one of the simplest ways to make money. Simply join one of the available jobs and any payable action you do in-game will automatically pay into your money amount! The best part is, you can join up to THREE jobs if you want to maximize your earnings!


How do I join a job?

To access the job list in-game, simply type in this command:


Once you do that, this menu should pull up:


Hovering your mouse over each icon shows you the name, a brief description, and payable actions that a job offers. Listed below are all the jobs we offer:

  • Woodcutter

  • Miner

  • Builder

  • Digger

  • Farmer

  • Hunter

  • Explorer

  • Crafter

  • Fisherman

  • Weaponsmith

  • Brewer

  • Enchanter

  • Weaponsmith

  • Botanist:

As you can see, there’s a lot to choose from! Be sure to read all the info for each job to determine which ones match your favorite things to do in-game. Left clicking any of the options will take you to a page that shows you all the available actions you can do to get paid if you join that job. Here below, is what you will see if you were to left click the Miner option:


Hover over each slot to see the list of all the possible payouts with each job!

Now that you’ve seen all the options, it’s time to join one! Either go back to the job list screen and right click, or you can type out the command shown below:


REMEMBER: You can do this with up to three jobs!


How do Job levels work?

As you complete payable actions in-game, you will begin to see a bar on the top of your screen that looks similar to this:


This is quite simple. As you earn more and more money with a certain job, your job level increases. The higher your level is, the more certain actions will pay you. Pretty soon, if you stick with a job long enough, you’ll be making double or even triple the amount of money per action compared to before!


The Admin Shop

The admin shop is a quick and easy way to buy and sell basic things. It is particularly useful for selling mob drops and ores if you don’t want to deal with setting up sign shops or putting them on the Auction house. Simply type in /shop to access this feature! However, if you’re looking for a higher payout, we recommend that you give the Auction House and Sign shops a try!

The Auction House

Another fun way to earn money is to put items up on the auction house. This feature gives everyone on the server a way to buy and sell interesting items that you wouldn’t be able to sell using the admin shop. Almost anything is fair game with selling on the Auction house, but be sure to get familiar with the AH rules to avoid any risk of accidentally breaking them!

To access the Auction House, simply type in this command:


After that you’ll see something open that looks a little like this:


As you can see by this image, the options are endless with this feature!

If you’d like to try selling something on the AH, make sure the item(s) are in your hotbar, and that you have it selected in your hand, then type in this command:


If you wish to let people bid on your item, simply replace the word sell with the word bid in the command above.



Chest Shops

Chestshops work by allowing players to buy items from chests you set up by clicking a sign. One of our fearless admins has already made an in-depth guide on creating your own chest shop. If you’d like to learn more, find his guide here:


Vote crates

Be sure to do /vote each day to earn vote keys! These keys can earn you cool items and claim blocks, but they can also earn you money! Use these keys at the crates located at spawn.




Feeling lucky? Want to earn some quick money? Try your luck by putting some money into the lottery pool! You can access the lottery menu by typing this command:


A lottery winner will be picked randomly at the top of every hour. Be sure to remain active on the server at that time so you can collect your winnings if you’re chosen.


Those are some of the easiest ways to make money on Retronix! If you have any further questions, please feel free to approach any of the staff when they’re online!