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1.16.2 Creative Update
 Not_Jaden •   13 days ago •  40

Finally, I had the chance to make this long-awaited update for the creative server. Not only is the server up to date with all of the new 1.16.2 features, but a whole bunch of other new tidbits has also been added.

  1. The information about the donor ranks on the store has been updated.
  2. The whole server has been updated to 1.16.2 (sideways chains!) and a new plot world has been opened up. This plot world will be replacing the old world very soon. The old world will stay there for 2 weeks until it will be deleted. Now don't worry, if you choose, you can save your builds on the old plot world by doing one or both options. First, you can g to your plot and do /...
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Beta Postponed, Bedrock Release + Updates?!?!
 MrPranklez •   about 1 month ago •  87

About 2 weeks ago we announced that we would be releasing a new server, the Beta Server, but due to us, the owners, having a busier schedule than we first expected. Over the course of the last week we have been working hard on a lot of different things as you might have noticed. As the title says we're afraid we'll need to postpone the release of the beta server further due to the sort of features we've been working on. Below you'll find a summary of what we've been working on and what is to come.

Over the course of the last weeks we have done a major website and Donat...

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Beta Server!
 MrPranklez •   about 1 month ago •  122

When NRG started off, we wanted it to be a place where everyone had something they could enjoy. We did this so we could start a community and then grow together with that community. So far it hasn't been clear to us what direction we should go towards but we now have come up with an idea that we would like to put to the test, and that's why we'll be releasing "The Beta Server".

Before we get to the details of the Beta Server we would like to take the time to congratulate Nicho, Crispy and Fade for their promotion to Jr.Admi...

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Small Event Update
 AmethystMallow •   about 1 month ago •  161

Hey NRG!

As some of you know, we host daily events on the NRG server. Most of you really enjoy these small competitions and ofc the rewards that come with it. But no matter how much you enjoy something, after doing it over and over again it gets boring which is why we're bringing you this event update!!

The following things are going to change for you:

  • Mobpartys will now be hosted on Sundays (same time as always)
  • The sunday events are going to be hosted on Saturdays (same time as always)
  • The reward boxes will be updated and changed
  • A new Mobparty type, Mobpocalypse, will be ad...
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Forums and Donation Store Design Update
 MrPranklez •   about 1 month ago •  116

We have a new and fresh Forums and Store Design

It is finally here, we have a new forums and Store Design. We thought it was time for something fresh and new and with all the support you have been giving over the last few months, we thought it was worth it. The website is now registered on our main domain instead of a sub-domain and a bunch of other stuff.

We managed to transfer ALL of your data so you don't need to worry about registering again or anything of that kind, you'll still have your old account and everything will work as is! Th...

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